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1.) Name - meredith
2.) Age - sixteen
3.) Location - maryland
5.) Pictures -

About You.
1.) Hair - auburn..ish
2.) Fashion - jeans-everyday(preferable with holes, but school doesn't like that ;P) and plain colored shirts and band tees. but my favorite- zip up band hoodies. hemp necklaces and homemade bracelets.
3.) Bands - bright eyes, the faint, he is legend, circa survive, umbrellas, gatsby's american dream
4.) Best show you've been to - warped tour 2005 with circa survive and emery. i'd love to see bright eyes live.
5.) Mosh, dance, skank, nod head, tap foot, crowd surf? - i love dancing, moshing and crowd surfing.

1.) TV show(s) - the oc
2.) Movie(s) - garden state, dumb and dumber, star wars III, almost famous, the village, the dangerous lives of the alter boys
3.) Record Label(s) - saddle creek, tooth and nail, the miltia group, fearless, tripple crown, Drive-Thru
4.) Book(s) - prozac nation, star girl
5.) Sport(s) - soccer, and football-but only for the marching band.
6.) Genre of music - emo and indie
7.) Shoe(s) - chucks.

1.) Gay/lesbian marriage - i'm not all for girls making out in front of me, but i mean if they wanna get married then whatev i don't have a problem. people have a right to marry whatever color and gender they prefer. it's all about love.
3.) Racism - racism is real dumb. black people are just as cool as white people. i'm adopting an asian baby and jews are awesome. i don't even get it. racism just sucks, hands down.
5.) Sexism - again. it's dumb. just because i have a vagina doesn't mean i can't beat a guy up or even work harder and/or better than one too.
6.) Abortion - i don't like it. if you don't want you're child, give it to someone who you know can't have one and would love it. don't kill it. rape, unwanted or accident, it doesn't matter. you should never take away someone's chance to live, because you never know what they could be in life and how they could change the world.
7.) Drugs - i hate to see people i care about hurting themselves with drugs. my closest friends turned to pot because their parents were abusive, my best friend almost died from taking 42 pills, and pretty much all my friends get piss tested weekly. i hate to see it ruin lives. get high on life.
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