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Lost in translation.

Aplication LOLOLOL...

1.) Name -Mary
2.) Age -To the fourteenth power.
3.) Location -Seattle Washington
5.) Pictures (at least 2 clear face shots. Don't be stupid and post more than 5) -I'll put 'em at the end

About You.
1.) Hair -Purple.+Red, short
2.) Fashion -everything, usually thrift shoppy, but not in a "scene"style... and jeans(that are written all over)
3.) Bands -oh my goodness!Jason Webley, Schoolyard Heroes, Against Me!'s older stuff, Ben Kweller....and everything in between.
4.) Best show you've been to(if you havent been to one, tell us where youd like to go) - the very last Blue Sky Mile show was beyond fabulous
5.) Mosh, dance, skank, nod head, tap foot, crowd surf? -skanking, dancing, moshing

1.) TV show(s) -channel 75 is the classic arts showcase, and I love it to bits and peices
2.) Movie(s) -Peices of April, The Graffitti Artist, The Skulls
3.) Record Label(s) -there are too many good ones out there
4.) Book(s) -The Lovely Bones, Tuesdays with Morrie, The Five People You Meet in Heaven,...tons more
5.) Sport(s) -soccer, tennis
6.) Genre of music -everything but country and hip hop
7.) Shoe(s) -my old man loafers(♥)

1.) Gay/lesbian marriage -I support their rights but I do not believe that they should make a huge deal about it, being a long term couple is basically the same thing as being married, but I don't understand the other side's problem.
3.) Racism -Idiotic, and for really little minded people that do not realize we are all humans and are all on the same playing feild.
5.) Sexism -Again, idiotic (see above for details)
6.) Abortion -In some cases it is perfectly fine, in all rape cases it is good and in situations where the parents are not willing to raise the kid and will not clean up from drugs and will not financially support them, then they should not be a parent...it will only hurt the child and raise it poorly, so it will grow up and wont be a good influence in the world.
7.) Drugs -for people who are afraid to deal with life without the effect of alcohol and drugs. People who need to escape from their problems, basically for cowards.
<img src="http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y56/wipeawaywords/me%20and%20my%20thugs/maryjo.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com">

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