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Indie Kids.

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Ween "La Cucaracha" live stream [Tuesday
October 16th, 2007]
 Hey everyone,

Ween's new album "La Cucaracha" is now available as a live stream at:  myspace.com/ween

Check it out!

Ween album "La Cucaracha" [Wednesday
October 10th, 2007]

Hello…I'm writing from Rounder Records - if you're not familiar, we're one of the oldest, largest independent record labels in the US. We're putting out the new Ween album, "La Cucaracha." If you pre-order it from us (www.rounder.com/ween) you have the option to buy an exclusive, band-designed shirt.


I don’t mean to spam anyone and I don’t want to be "that guy" plastering message boards with ads. I'm just spreading the word about a great record from a great band. I Promise. We're one of the good guys.


Let me know if you have any questions about Ween/Rounder/etc…thanks!


-[Zach (intern), rounderrecordsgroup@gmail.com]


October 1st, 2007]


1.) Name - Caity
2.) Age - 19
3.) Location - New Brunswick, Canada
5.) Pictures (at least 2 clear face shots. Don't be stupid and post more than 5) -

About You.
1.) Hair - Long, brown and straight
2.) Fashion - I call it "college budget chic"...
3.) Bands - The Shins, The Smiths, Bright Eyes, etc.
4.) Best show you've been to(if you havent been to one, tell us where youd like to go) - Boys Night Out..droool.
5.) Mosh, dance, skank, nod head, tap foot, crowd surf? - I suck at dancing..but boy, do I ever try. I'm a mosh junkie.

1.) TV show(s) - Dexter, Californication
2.) Movie(s) - Donnie Darko, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
3.) Record Label(s) - Ferret Music
4.) Book(s) - Middlesex, the Kiterunner, How the Dead Live.
5.) Sport(s) - Vollyball..I'm far too clumsy for most sports..
6.) Genre of music - Indie, techno, old school rock..we'd be here all night if I listed them all.
7.) Shoe(s) - Flats..heels..sneaks..love 'em all.

1.) Gay/lesbian marriage - All for. I mean I don't see why anybody would really want to get married these days..haha..seeing as everyone gets divorced. But, nobody has the right to deny a group of people the right to marriaged just because they don't agree with their way of life..ya' know? Maybe we should just outlaw marriage in general..
3.) Racism - Ridiculous. That's all I can even say. If people don't know that by now, what the hell have we been doing the past 40 years?
5.) Sexism - It's great withour the "ism"..haaah..sorry..bad joke. Seriously though, obviously it's wrong. Most people know that. Anyone who doesn't is obviously ignorant to the way our world ought to be. It will be a thing of beauty when men and women are truly equal..but unfortunately we're not quite there yet. Who knows if we'll ever really be. Sometimes the lack of progression in our country startles me.
6.) Abortion - Pro-choicer. But, it's really important for people to understand that it's not a form of birth control. If you're going around having unprotected sex, at some point you need to wake up and deal with the consequences. I'm just not into the whole coat hanger thing coming back.
7.) Drugs - To each their own. It's your body. But this is a tough one. There's such a huge difference between drugs like pot and drugs like heroine. It's hard to lump my opinion on drugs into one category when you have such a varying spectrum. Basically here's a good rule of thumb: if it gets to the point where you're doing things that hurt yourself/others.. step back and think about it, yeah?


September 30th, 2007]

[ mood | horny ]

check out my band Briefcase Scenario ... feed back will be greatly appreciated!!

Briefcase Scenario!!!


Oops! Forgot the Pictures! [Monday
September 18th, 2006]





Application, LOLOLOLOLOLOL [Monday
September 18th, 2006]

1.) Name - Jennifer
2.) Age - 19
3.) Location - Corpus Christi, TX
5.) Pictures (at least 2 clear face shots. Don't be stupid and post more than 5) -

About You.
1.) Hair - Short. Styled at home. A bob of sorts. Black in the front, with blue, green, and purple in the back.
2.) Fashion - Goodwill is where a good deal of my clothes come from. Usually I go for more mod style clothes.
3.) Bands - The Decemberists, Postal Service, The White Stripes, Neutral Milk Hotel, Iron and Wine, Fiery Furnaces, Bright Eyes, Blonde Redhead, Of Montreal, The Gerbils, The Magnetic Fields, The Lucksmiths, Pas/Cal, Devendra Banhart, Elliott Smith, Metric, Cibo Matto, Death Cab for Cutie, The Dresden Dolls, Sufjan Stevens, Cursive, Cat Power, Yann Tiersen, Azure Ray, The Faint, The Robot Ate Me, Heavens to Betsy, Anna Oxygen, Belle and sEbastian, Beulah, The Distillers, Mates of State, The violent Femmes
4.) Best show you've been to(if you havent been to one, tell us where youd like to go) - The Decemberists
5.) Mosh, dance, skank, nod head, tap foot, crowd surf? - Mosh pit!

1.) TV show(s) - Seinfeld, Venture Brothers, Family Guy, Bleach, Ghost in Shell, Perfect Hair, Robot Chicken, Mind of Mencia, Drawn Together, The 4400, American Dad, Are You Afraid of the Dark? reruns, and some odd Japanese cartoon caleed Super Shin's Milk Show or something like that.....(?)
2.) Movie(s) - Donnie Darko, Fight Club, Office Space, Guy, Layer Cake, Amelie, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Tommy Boy, the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, Young Frankenstein, What the Bleep Do We Know?, Suspiria, the original Frankenstein
3.) Record Label(s) - Sub Pop, Saddle Creek, Kill Rock Stars, Elephant 6 <3<3<3
4.) Book(s) - Hamlet, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Caligula, The Flies, Exit the King, The Lesson, The Bald Soprano, Lord of the Flies, Rosencratz and Guildenstern are Dead, Waiting for Godot, Notes from the Underground, A Dog's Head, No Exit, etc
5.) Sport(s) - No thanks.
6.) Genre of music - Far too many......
7.) Shoe(s) - My yellow heels, my bright purple flats, my red heels, my turquoise Steve Maddens, comfy Converse, and a pair of rounded black flats.

1.) Gay/lesbian marriage - I don't see what all the fuss is about. Divorce rates are skyrocketing to th epoint where it looks like gays are the only people who actually do want to be married. And denying any group of people what should be a basic right is sending them the message that they're not equal citizens. Marriage is supposed to be a union between people who love each other. The people who don't want to let gays get married are the ones giving marriage a bad name, not the gays.
3.) Racism - Terrible. There's simply no excuse for it whatesoever.
5.) Sexism - Unfortunately, is becoming more and more common, especially on the side of women. Men and Women do have differences, but when it comes down to it, we have more in common than not. And we are all equals.
6.) Abortion - It's a woman's body, adn her decision. No one should presume to make that decision for her.
7.) Drugs - So long as you control them, and you know the risks involved and how much you can handle safely, have at.
[1] X okay

August 25th, 2006]

[ mood | creative ]

[2] X okay

August 16th, 2006]

1.) Name - Mavis
2.) Age - 19
3.) Location - Singapore
5.) Pictures -

About You.
1.) Hair - curly, black, short
2.) Fashion - comfy
3.) Bands - wow. arctic monkeys, strokes, radiohead, travis, coldplay, white stripes, raconteurs, kooks, guns and roses, beatles, ash, hot hot heat, white rose movement
4.) Best show you've been to - Franz Ferdinand
5.) Mosh, dance, skank, nod head, tap foot, crowd surf? - head bang, odd dancing, body spasms

1.) TV show(s) - 70s show, 7th heaven, o.c., america's next top model, little britain
2.) Movie(s) - igby goes down, millions, donnie darko, brokeback mountain,
3.) Record Label(s) - none in particular
4.) Book(s) - too hard to define. but i like serious fiction
5.) Sport(s) - ice hockey, field hockey
6.) Genre of music - INDIE! rock, electronica, pop
7.) Shoe(s) - comfy

1.) Gay/lesbian marriage - exciting!
3.) Racism - it's the cruel reality
5.) Sexism - not a feminist
6.) Abortion - well, if you think it's the best for you
7.) Drugs - scary

May 23rd, 2006]
Oi, my parents are ridiculous, a friend offered my free sasquatch tickets, i am not being allowed to go cause im apparently going to become a crackhead or something if i go, missing band of horses, the shins and tv on the radio and the flaming lips, DFJKSLJDFDSLFJ

:] [Saturday
May 20th, 2006]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Application [Sunday
April 30th, 2006]


The Spinto Band, anyone? [Wednesday
March 1st, 2006]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Has anyone else here ever heard of The Spinto Band?

If not, they are amazing, and you should get their new CD Nice and Nicely Done.

It'll make you danceeeeee.


Heylo [Sunday
February 26th, 2006]

[ mood | bouncy ]


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February 19th, 2006]

application lololol?Collapse )

these guys are really really cool... [Sunday
January 29th, 2006]

click to listen...

January 12th, 2006]

[ mood | listless ]

Application lololol.Collapse )


January 4th, 2006]

[ mood | calm ]


[2] X okay

January 2nd, 2006]

1.) Name - ari
2.) Age - 15
3.) Location - 804 -Virgina
5.) Pictures (at least 2 clear face shots. Don't be stupid and post more than 5) -

About You.
1.) Hair - umm medium+straight+blonde
2.) Fashion -a&f and vintage
3.) Bands - frou frou, Mum, her space holiday, Sigur Ros
4.) Best show you've been to(if you havent been to one, tell us where youd like to go) - ohh her space
5.) Mosh, dance, skank, nod head, tap foot, crowd surf? - im a dancin fool

1.) TV show(s) - laguna, the OC, that 70's
2.) Movie(s) - gardent state
3.) Record Label(s) - dont have one
4.) Book(s) - The Perks of being a Wallflower
5.) Sport(s) - field hockey
6.) Genre of music - indie, techno and Hip Hop
7.) Shoe(s) - rainbows

1.) Gay/lesbian marriage - i hate it that it is against the law and i think its incredibly wrong because they are people in love and they should be allowed to be married.
3.) Racism - It is wrong
5.) Sexism - im completely against sexism. i hate the whole entire, and a woman can do anything a man could if she sets her mind to it. the only thing a man has up on a woman is that he is physically stronger.
6.) Abortion - I am definately pro-choice. i think that it is a womans decision and shouldnt be illegal or looked down upon.
7.) Drugs - Drugs is a personal choice. I dont do them, i used to but i dont and i think they are pretty stupid but im not going to make a big fuss about them.
[4] X okay

Aplication LOLOLOL... [Tuesday
October 4th, 2005]


1.) Name -Mary
2.) Age -To the fourteenth power.
3.) Location -Seattle Washington
5.) Pictures (at least 2 clear face shots. Don't be stupid and post more than 5) -I'll put 'em at the end

About You.
1.) Hair -Purple.+Red, short
2.) Fashion -everything, usually thrift shoppy, but not in a "scene"style... and jeans(that are written all over)
3.) Bands -oh my goodness!Jason Webley, Schoolyard Heroes, Against Me!'s older stuff, Ben Kweller....and everything in between.
4.) Best show you've been to(if you havent been to one, tell us where youd like to go) - the very last Blue Sky Mile show was beyond fabulous
5.) Mosh, dance, skank, nod head, tap foot, crowd surf? -skanking, dancing, moshing

1.) TV show(s) -channel 75 is the classic arts showcase, and I love it to bits and peices
2.) Movie(s) -Peices of April, The Graffitti Artist, The Skulls
3.) Record Label(s) -there are too many good ones out there
4.) Book(s) -The Lovely Bones, Tuesdays with Morrie, The Five People You Meet in Heaven,...tons more
5.) Sport(s) -soccer, tennis
6.) Genre of music -everything but country and hip hop
7.) Shoe(s) -my old man loafers(&hearts;)

1.) Gay/lesbian marriage -I support their rights but I do not believe that they should make a huge deal about it, being a long term couple is basically the same thing as being married, but I don't understand the other side's problem.
3.) Racism -Idiotic, and for really little minded people that do not realize we are all humans and are all on the same playing feild.
5.) Sexism -Again, idiotic (see above for details)
6.) Abortion -In some cases it is perfectly fine, in all rape cases it is good and in situations where the parents are not willing to raise the kid and will not clean up from drugs and will not financially support them, then they should not be a parent...it will only hurt the child and raise it poorly, so it will grow up and wont be a good influence in the world.
7.) Drugs -for people who are afraid to deal with life without the effect of alcohol and drugs. People who need to escape from their problems, basically for cowards.
SnipsnipCollapse )

[4] X okay

September 27th, 2005]

1.) Name -Bart Pierson
2.) Age -18
3.) Location -Newfoundland
5.) Pictures (at least 2 clear face shots. Don't be stupid and post more than 5) -

That's me singing

About You.
1.) Hair -reddish-brown, curly
2.) Fashion -thrift store clothes
3.) Bands -the halo benders, Joy Division, deerhoof, the organ, the origin of the sound, Faster Miles Per Hour, Elevator to hell, The book burners, (early) pink floyd (and Syd Barrett's solo albums), Dog Meat BBQ, Nick Cave and the Bad seeds, the evens, fugazi, thee silver mount. zion memorial orchestra and tra la la band, Eric's trip, the pixies, the velvet underground, Yo la tengo, Beat Material, the good kids pretend they're bad, Trailer Camp
4.) Best show you've been to(if you havent been to one, tell us where youd like to go) - The Evens
5.) Mosh, dance, skank, nod head, tap foot, crowd surf? - I like to dance
1.) TV show(s) - I don't watch
2.) Movie(s) - Labyrinth, Monty Python's the meaning of life, Donnie Darko, The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett story
3.) Record Label(s) - K records, Matador, the sebadre cords, Ryko
4.) Book(s) - 1984, Animal Farm, the little prince, Dracula, the real Frank Zappa book
5.) Sport(s) - T-ball
6.) Genre of music - Psychedelic-indie-pop, punk rawk, rock and roll, prog
7.) Shoe(s) - Chuck Taylor's

1.) Gay/lesbian marriage - Full support!
3.) Racism -Yuck!
5.) Sexism -eww!
6.) Abortion - undecided
7.) Drugs - Occasionally

September 10th, 2005]

1.) Name -Sam
2.) Age -15
3.) Location - ontario
5.) Pictures (at least 2 clear face shots. Don't be stupid and post more than 5) -
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
About You.
1.) Hair -blonde
2.) Fashion - cords, jeans, tshirts and knitted sweaters
3.) Bands - the organ, the flaming lips, metric, feist
4.) Best show you've been to(if you havent been to one, tell us where youd like to go) - United live
5.) Mosh, dance, skank, nod head, tap foot, crowd surf? - dance baby!

1.) TV show(s) - dont really watch tv
2.) Movie(s) -dunno!
3.) Record Label(s) - arts and crafts, paper bag records
4.) Book(s) - the bible!
5.) Sport(s) - nonee
6.) Genre of music -Alternative, Indie, power pop, popfolk.
7.) Shoe(s) - Converse and sandals

1.) Gay/lesbian marriage - Umm, well. personally i dont believe in gay relationships cuz the bible says its wrong, but honestly the whole thing about marriage is blown out of preportion in most Christians eyes, just because they get married doesnt mean there one step closer to going to hell, cut them sum slack.
3.) Racism - Disgusting!
5.) Sexism - awful stuff
6.) Abortion - honesltly its rediculous.
7.) Drugs -
[6] X okay

August 10th, 2005]

Application LOLOLOLCollapse )
[7] X okay

ATTENTION !!Ok why... [Tuesday
August 9th, 2005]

Why did you all join a community if you don't plan on being active ?! When people submit applications they should get responses within a week...common curtisy. This community will have no way of growing or meaning anything if we don't add members. Again for all of you who haven't commented on the last guys application, please do so. Thank you

August 7th, 2005]

Has anyone seen the new movie, Happy Endings? I saw it the other night and was surprised to see that Black Heart Procession is on the soundtrack. Theres also some other pretty good music on there. You can check it out here. Maggie Gyllenhaal is in the movie and also does some songs on the soundrack, including a Billy Joel cover. Has anyone else heard the soundtrack, what do you think?

[2] X okay

You guys seriosuly [Sunday
August 7th, 2005]

[ mood | indifferent ]

Stop being lazy and comment on the guys application from like forever ago. Just go to the page and give him your opinions on his app., so Mike can accept or deny him please ! It's been forever since he's posted and it's making the community look really bad. Thank you for your time.


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