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1.) Name - Beth
2.) Age - 13
3.) Location - Norwich, England
5.) Pictures (at least 2 clear face shots. Don't be stupid and post more than 5) - I really hope my imagehost works -

I'm really sorry if they aren't visible, and I'm even sorrier if they are, hehe :D
About You.
1.) Hair - My fringe is too long so I kinda sweep it to one side, I have midlength layers, and it's naturally frizzy. But I'm getting it cut on Friday, so this but wont apply for much longer.
2.) Fashion - Jeans, tshirts, mini skirts, nothing special really
3.) Bands - Bloc Party, The faint, Joy Division, The Strokes, The Futureheads, Hot Hot Heat, I like everything, within reason, really.
4.) Best show you've been to(if you havent been to one, tell us where youd like to go) - I want to go to see Bloc Party in Norwich UEA in October
5.) Mosh, dance, skank, nod head, tap foot, crowd surf? - Crowd surfing sounds awesome. I can't dance, so I'd be nodding my head like a little nodding dog.
1.) TV show(s) - Scrubs
2.) Movie(s) - Donnie Darko
3.) Record Label(s) - Hmm, I dunno. Noisebox I guess
4.) Book(s) - About a Boy
5.) Sport(s) - Tennis
6.) Genre of music - Anything really, except RnB. I like Alt. and Experimental and Indie
7.) Shoe(s) - My pink chucks are gorgeous
1.) Gay/lesbian marriage - Why not? They love each other, so whats wrong with it?
3.) Racism - Makes me angry. I don't understand it, to be honest, and why someone would do that, or think like that? It's stupid, and I firmly believe that everyone is equal.
5.) Sexism - I don't believe that girls are better than boys, or boys are better than girls, but it's fairly obvious that the different sexes have different skills, boys are better at reading maps, girls are better at multitasking etc etc, but thats not always true to everyone.
6.) Abortion - Choice. For instance, if you know that you are not going to be able to give your baby the care it needs, or that you haven't got the money to support it, or that you aren't ready, or wouldn't be a good mother, is it really good to bring that child into the world?
7.) Drugs - I'm not against weed, although it really shouldn't be a regular thing, since it causes psychosis, but I am against heroin, cocaine, E, anything like that. I especially hate E since I once heard about this girl who took E, and she collapsed, was taken to hospital, and she died by blood loss, because blood had come out of her nose, mouth, etc etc, her parents allowed the photos to be in press so people could see what it does, and that really made me realise how dangerous it is. Horrible way to die.

ps - Sorry about my terrible spelling
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