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1.) Name -Sam
2.) Age -15
3.) Location - ontario
5.) Pictures (at least 2 clear face shots. Don't be stupid and post more than 5) -
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
About You.
1.) Hair -blonde
2.) Fashion - cords, jeans, tshirts and knitted sweaters
3.) Bands - the organ, the flaming lips, metric, feist
4.) Best show you've been to(if you havent been to one, tell us where youd like to go) - United live
5.) Mosh, dance, skank, nod head, tap foot, crowd surf? - dance baby!

1.) TV show(s) - dont really watch tv
2.) Movie(s) -dunno!
3.) Record Label(s) - arts and crafts, paper bag records
4.) Book(s) - the bible!
5.) Sport(s) - nonee
6.) Genre of music -Alternative, Indie, power pop, popfolk.
7.) Shoe(s) - Converse and sandals

1.) Gay/lesbian marriage - Umm, well. personally i dont believe in gay relationships cuz the bible says its wrong, but honestly the whole thing about marriage is blown out of preportion in most Christians eyes, just because they get married doesnt mean there one step closer to going to hell, cut them sum slack.
3.) Racism - Disgusting!
5.) Sexism - awful stuff
6.) Abortion - honesltly its rediculous.
7.) Drugs -
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